Place Accumulation: Kingston/Ulster (Archive as of may 19th, 2018)

This score was developed as a way to generate content and bring about valuable sonic exchange for, and in collaboration with, a place and community using the Dynamic Listening Instrument. Its spiral form, inspired by Anna and Lawrence Halprin’s 1981 spiral score, “A Search for Living Myths”, offers an origin point, trajectory, and no end. Having temporal bounds that cannot be broken is important for a social process that must be vast, flexible, and ultimately un-abandonable.

The score is not site-specific, but is to be used site-specifically. Its process generates micro-scores for activities, performances, sculptures, and archives. Points give suggestions for how to move from origin towards trajectory. Once an activity is introduced, it can and should be repeated anytime. Points left blank suggest that there is a lot to be learned and discovered. This score will improve over time.

Place Accumulation’s origin is the intention to for examinations between public space, ecology, and empathy. Its trajectory points towards commons, defined by Claire Pentecost as, “The organic, open, and democratic elsewhere of neoliberalism. Recognition of a common fate shared with all life on earth.”

This after-score is a haphazard snapshot taken April 23rd of what it has actually looked like so far to follow Place Accumulation in Kingston and the Town of Ulster since February 16th, 2018. The initial events I attended suggested their own trajectories which were followed and came to overlap over time.

I first attended a meeting town board meeting at Ulster Town Hall where concerned residents voicing their opposition a company who has only worked on renewable energy projects in the Midwest, buying land and building a fossil-fuel burning power plant behind the Hudson Valley Mall. I then attended a court session at the police station in Rondout which led to a community-police relations forum at City Hall, and a demonstration to advocate for DACA recipients. Since then, I have been to varied meetings and forums, roamed and occupied public places, done many interviews and collaborative recordings, listened to experiences vastly different than my own, and built a sonic archive of 21 hours and 53 minutes.

This process has brought two initial goals of Place Accumulation into focus by being directly present: Occupying and creating social feedback in public and semi-public places using sound and sculpture, and enabling sonic exchanges through my unique positioning and intention, both requiring close collaboration and unknown amounts of time.

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Documentation from installation of the archive as of May 5th, 2018, at UBS and Red Hook  NY.

Magnetic Sound/Echo 5 at S.A.F.E. (Seven Artists for Equity), at Broadway Arts, Kingston NY.

Echo #4 at a Tree Planting Ceremony at Chambers Elementary, Kingston NY.

Echo #2 at Earth Day at Peace Park, Kingston NY.

Tax Day Demonstration at John Faso’s (R) office, Kingston, NY,

Echo #2 at Rondout Waterfront, Kingston NY.

Echo #1, At Broadway Arts, Kingston, NY.

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