The Dynamic Listening Instrument set for Union Sq (Somerville, Boston MA.)


As part of my participation in the 2018 Co-Incidence Festival/Residency from January 19th-28th with Joachim Eckl, Michael Pissarro, Ryoko Akama, and more, The Dynamic Listening Instrument was installed for public interaction in Union Square in Somerville for a Saturday afternoon.


Accessible in the instrument’s venn-diagram on the public square were recordings from earlier that week: A recording of resident artists performing “Bell Piece” earlier that week in Union Square, a wandering perspective of the Women’s March 2018 at Cambridge Common, A recording of a Kurdish protest against the Turkish Government in Harvard Square and an interview with participants, flute and vocal tones by me and Amy Golden, and recordings of water in the city.


An open collaborative movement performance with the composition happened later that night as part of a potluck/performance event at Washington Street Art Center, where the festival/residency was based.

A photograph I took during a performance of a Sound Bridges performance in the square earlier that week with Caleb Chase and Joachim Eckl.

The Somerville Media Center did a video piece on the festival, with some footage from a Dynamic Listening Dance Workshop in Washington Street Art Center, and a short (very casual) interview with me, that can be seen below.


The festival/residency was supported by funding from the Somerville Arts Council.

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