Anthroapologetic Sketch for the Dynamic Listening Instrument at the Sound and Necessity Final Exhibition

These photos document an installation for the Sound and Necessity final Exhibition in Pankow, Berlin. Sound and Necessity was a month long intensive led by Julianne Swartz and Ana Maria Lopez Gomez that interacted with various sites in Berlin, sound art, and social art.

The installation consisted of strands of sewn receipts with drawings, the Tempo Snake, Dynamic Listening Dance Workshops, and a 15 minute 4-channel audio piece filling the courtyard, and a video projection of the first Dynamic Listening Dance Workshop.workshop 1

This listening prompt was hung with receipt strands in the courtyard, it introduces and explains the audio project.

listening promptlistening prompt 22listening prompt 33listening prompt 44

Variations of these drawings were hung in long sewn together strands in the installation, alongside long sewn together strands of receipts w/ drawings known to me and others as my ongoing piece, Conspicuous Consumer.


This installation/composition… “Anthro-Apologetic Sketch for the Dynamic Listening Instrument*”
it is a first attempt at setting the D.L.Instrument for anthroapology with oriented recordings and affective information…
Without the electro-magnetic D.L.I. present.
Among the recordings assembled in Berlin from July-August 2017 are…
Interviews/speech from
-April Gertler 
[A photographer, social artist, and teacher who runs the project “Picture Berlin”…]

-Dorothea von Hantelmann [a theorist, writer, and curator who has worked with Documenta, Free University, Berlin, MOMA…]

-Lola Jusidman Shoshana [An environmental activist studying Political Economy at NYU…]

-Anton Kaplan 
[An artist studying “Art and Accessibility” at Hampshire College in Massachusetts.]

-Nyika Mukada [An artist and musical producer working and living at Teufelsberg]

-Patrice Scott [An artist working in Media Studies at Vassar College NY]
-Julianne Swartz [A  artist based in New York working with sound, sculpture magnetism, kinetics, and more]-Mario de Vega [A Berlin based sound artist and lecturer from Mexico City “exploring the threshold of human perception and the physicality of listening.” Speaking here on the radical potential of art communities.]

-Tamar Weiss [A Berlin based musician, artist, and Homeopathic doctor.]

…[also] Various [cassette] tape loops recorded in Berlin…

Sounds from:
Monbijou Park, Templehofer

Field, Devil’s Mountain [Teufelsberg,]

Krumme Lanke +more

…Bell towers & Birds from Kassel, Munster, and Berlin [Carillon]

+German birds recorded by “Sonnaberg”

+more -Cal Fish

***To attempt to “set the D.L.Instrument for anthroapology… without the D.L.I. present” was an effort to isolate the sonic and social aspects of the project from the technical electro-magnetic apparatus. Working on the Sound and Social Attitude without the actual instrument allowed greater focus and development of the sonic and social
practices that would have to develop to make the instrument worth sharing.

workshop 3workshop 5

A video document of the first Dynamic Listening Dance Workshop held in the space days prior.

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