#1 Baby’s Names

#1 Baby’s Names is an interactive video installation. It has two channels coming from one projector. It was originally shown for Ben Coonley’s Fall 2016 Video Installation class.

Below is one of the channels wherein multiple versions/performances of a song and dance shot on October 1st 2016. The performer is Kalliope Piersol and the music is by Cal Fish and Kalliope Piersol. This video was a project in the continuation of a process of combining and re-enacting a specific combination of song and dance, and was taped over the documented dancing from a wedding in 2013.

Here, various American rituals were reflected upon, questioned, interpreted, and over-written.

The other channel was projected onto a whiteboard where a marker was provided. Various labeled venn diagrams morph into broader categories and the words or marks of participants are re-contextualized over time.

Here is an excerpt of the installation…

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