Travelogue III, Tour with Turnip King

Earlier this summer (2016) I booked a tour for my band Turnip King.

We met many creative and inspiring artists and individuals and got a potent look at our America. Zombie like people Pokemon going in every city and coverage of the RNC/DNC and insane political situation threaded the trip together.

We played at a variety of Diy venues, houses, and bars. These drawings document some of the places we visited !

I hope to print a book w/ scans and architectural/cultural dialog!

Zooming in is Encouraged!!!

tk16 2lowtk16 3lowtk16 4lowtk16 1low

tk16 5low
First show at AVIV, a warehouse and diy venue near where the B.Q.E. meets Brooklyn.

tk16 8low

tk16 9solo

tk16 9solo2

Lucia in Middle Branch Park, Baltimore.

tk16 10 rolowtk12 12 lo

Jade in the Kitchen of Three Moons, a house in Richmond VA which throws shows and focuses and social justice and providing a platform for people of color.

tk16 13 solo 1low

tk16 13 solo 2low

tk16 14 solo1

Ken Fluting at an extremely hot park in New Orleans.

tk16 14 solo2

The RNC begins in Houston Texas…

tk16 15 low

tk16 16lowtk16 17 solo 1low

tk16 17 solo2 low

“Make America Hate Again,” drawn inside NOTSUOH

tk16 18 lowtk16 19low

Lucia at Cheer Up Charlie’s in Austin TX.

tk16 20 low

tk16 21lowsolo1

Lucia, Ken, and Christian in Austin.

tk16 21lowsolo2

Christian in Pittsburgh.

tk16 22 ro lo

Christian in Shewolf House in Athens Ohio.

tk16 23 rolo

tk16 24 lo

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