In Circuit III

Spring 2016
Colored Wire soldered to RCA plugs, Cassette Loops, Human Body, Speakers, +More

In Circuit I and II, though particapatory, were durational eletroacoustic compositions.

In Circuit III is an ongoing, interactive, sound installation capable of re-assembly.

It was developed and shown in a group show for Julianne Swartz and Bob Bilecki’s “Sound as Sculptural Medium” course at Bard College.

An instructional drawing reads: “Complete the Circuits! Connect Blues to Reds with Your Body and Friends!

Participants use their bodies act as electrical conductors or missing links which can enable sounds to be heard.


certain sounds can only be enabled by spanning a distance with multiple people.

Each blue wire has the current of a different sound, each red wire is connected to a different speaker. Participants use compositions on cassette, to compose themselves.


More documentation of this piece will exist soon.

More adaptations and versions will exist as well, and I aspire to work with dancers and a large space to develop performances for the sculpture.


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